$145/day for 7+ days ($1015/wk), $160/day for 2-6 days, $200/day for 1 day

The BMW K1200 GT has always been popular with our sport touring riders. This bike is loaded with cruise control, heated seats and grips, power adjustable windscreen and suspension, large side bags and the big top case. It is low, sleek, fast and mean… however, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort. It has a long wheelbase and is very sure footed *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.



$145/day for 7+ days ($1015/wk), $160/day for 2-6 days, $200/day for 1 day

Without a doubt, the 110 hp BMW R1200 RT is my favorite motorcycle for first-class touring.   It’s comfortable, easy to handle, great in corners, fast, and has excellent wind and weather protection.  Our RT’s have ABS, cruise control, heated seats and grips, accessory outlets, electronic windshield adjustment, big side cases and a top case. Tank bags are also available. *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.







$145/day for 7+ days ($1015/wk), $160/day for 2-6 days, $200/day for 1 day

Every motorcycle magazine agrees, the BMW R1200 GS may be the best all around motorcycle ever built.  Our bikes are equipped with ABS, heated grips, an accessory outlet, side bags and a large top case.  Tank bags are also available.  *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.


Yamaha ST 1200

$145/day for 7+ days ($1015/wk), $160/day for 2-6 days, $200/day for 1 day

The Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 is a fantastic motorcycle! This big rumbling twin has ABS and several modes of traction control. Ours is equipped with an accessory outlets, side bags, a large top case and a tall windscreen.  It is a solid, rugged and reliable machine. *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.

BMW K1200R Sport

$145/day for 7+ days ($1015/wk), $160/day for 2-6 days, $200/day for 1 day

The BMW K1200R Sport is a dazzling mix of super-naked-meets-sports-tourer. It is a supersport bike with the touring functionality of side bags, heated grips, ABS and an accessory outlet. The in-line 4-cylinder engine delivers plenty of hp… It truly is a blast to ride!  *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.

BMW R1200R


$135/day for 7+ days ($945/wk), $150/day for 2-6 days, $190/day for 1 day

This is our first fleet BMW R1200R!  At 437 lbs, it is lightweight, stripped-down, naked sport-touring at it’s best.  From blazing performance in the twisties to long-distance touring, this 110 hp boxer twin is a supremely capable motorcycle.  Added features include a large windscreen, ABS, heated grips, automatic stability control, touring cases and a top case.   *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200


$145/day for 7+ days ($1015/wk), $160/day for 2-6 days, $200/day for 1 day

The new Triumph Tiger 1200 comes with cruise control, traction control, ABS, shaft drive and 135 hp!  The ultimate choice of the long-haul adventurer, this motorcycle can take on the world. The Triumph Tiger 1200 has large-capacity side cases, a large top case, an adjustable touring windscreen, adjustable handlebars and a 950w generator for all of your accessories.    It has excellent low-speed balance and composed high-speed capability. *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.

Triumph Tiger 800

$140/day for 7+ days ($980/wk), $150/day for 2-6 days, $190/day for 1 day

The 93hp Triumph Tiger is light, very quick and nimble.  This standard-height model is acceptable for somewhat shorter riders.  The Tiger has ABS, a small windscreen, side bags, topcase and an accessory outlet. This bike has the room and power to tour 2-up. *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.



$140/day for 7+ days ($980/wk), $150/day for 2-6 days, $190/day for 1 day

The 85hp BMW F800 GS is a great mid-sized dual sport bike, at home on-road and off.  This model has wire wheels, lots of suspension travel and is the leader in its class. It can handle a rider and passenger and comes with three expandable hard cases. If the R1200 GS is the ultimate adventure tourer, this is very, very close on its heels. This bike has ABS, a tall windscreen, heated grips and an accessory outlet. *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.

Suzuki Vstrom



$135/day for 7+ days ($945/wk), $140/day for 2-6 days, $180/day for 1 day

The Suzuki V-strom is famous for reliabilty and road worthiness. The Vstrom has a smooth power curve and is a very easy motorcycle to ride. This bike has ABS, can easily accomodate a passenger and comes with plenty of luggage. *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.

Kawasaki Concours 14

$145/day for 7+ days ($1015/wk), $160/day for 2-6 days, $189/day for 1 day

The Kawasaki Concours 14 is a stunning machine! This bike has large-capacity side cases and a large top case. It has an electrically adjustable windshield, keyless starting system and an accessory outlet on the instrument panel. This is the most powerful bike in our fleet. The Concours has a long wheelbase for a great ride yet it is agile and handles mountain roads like a sportbike. Did I mention that it is fast? *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.

Honda ST1300


st 1300
st 1300

$145/day for 7+ days ($1015/wk), $160/day for 2-6 days, $200/day for 1 day

Think of the Honda ST1300 as the best of both worlds: a touring machine born from Honda’s standard-setting Gold Wing, with performance bred from championship-winning sportbikes. From its smooth, longitudinally mounted V-4, plush suspension and wind-cheating bodywork to its motorized, adjustable windshield and removable luggage, sport-touring just doesn’t get any better. *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.



Kawasaki KLR 650

IMAG0208 (2)


$135/day for 7+ days ($945/wk), $140/day for 2-6 days, $170/day for 1 day

The Kawasaki KLR 650 is the best selling dual sport in the world.  The KLR is an outstanding off-road performer that can run at freeway speeds all day long.  If you want Adventure touring that emphasizes “adventure”, this is the bike.  This bike is outfitted with large capacity soft side cases and a luggage rack.  It is an excellent choice for exploring all that Colorado has to offer. *GPS available for $20/day or $100/week.

At Colorado Tourbikes we are always shopping for one more bike…