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Polaris Slingshot SL


$200/day for 7+ days ($1400 wk), 300 miles per day free, $0.25/mile thereafter; $225/day for 2-6 days, $275/day for a 1 day rental

The Polaris Slingshot is designed for motor enthusiasts.  This is a 1730 lb vehicle with 173 HP and your rear end is only about a foot off the ground.  Many describe the view from the drivers’ seat as similar to looking at the road from the cockpit of a formula one car.  It has a steering wheel and your passenger sits beside you,  however,  this is a motorcycle.  There is no roof or windows.  There is only one wheel in the back.  If it rains, you get wet.   The Slingshot has traction control, ABS, a three-point seat belt, roll bars rated at 5 times the weight of the vehicle, and a radio with Bluetooth. Do you think it might be incredibly fun?